..................Family of God Church Kathmandu, Nepal ...................फेमिली अफ गड चर्च

Nepali Bhajan

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We welcome you to be a partner of Family of God Church in the ministry of spreading the good news and bringing souls to God's home. We love to pray for you please send your prayer requests.

You can become a partner by praying for us or supporting financially or in kind. At the same time we would love to pray for you and your specific needs. Please write to us your prayer points.

Pray for us:

1. All the members of Family of god church, including those who were with family of God church in the past

2. Around 50 children who come regularly in our Tom & Jerry Fellowship. May their lives be transformed and through them their friends and parents may come to know Jesus and His Love.

3. Our leadership team: May God give us wisdom to work in team. May every members of our Church be equipped to serve in their communities to become salt and light so that the community may be transformed.

4.To start a model clinic in Sainbu community to serve the people especially for children and women’s health.

5. “God’s Heart for the Children” Workshop, that through this workshop parents of the church and the community and teachers may know the importance of children and how to bring them up and take care of them so that our children may equipped to do  God’s will.

6. Please pray that the Lord will provide us with the material and financial needs we have.

Detail of The Financial and Material needs


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